Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Create a More Attractive Dining Room

The dining room is one important area in the dwelling. In addition to be the place where family members gather at mealtimes, this room is also often used as an area to unwind. rauang meal will mendadi interesting if there are decorations around the dining room or furniture that can lead to comfort when dining. position of the dining room could be built close to the window so as not too stuffy. would be better if the position of the dining room near the park, aim for a natural ambience and the appetite to eat.
As described in the blog that discusses the dining room, steps must be taken is first merangcang dining room design desired. before designing the dining room, we also have to make a list of dining needs. This is where the duty to know the needs of Architects House Dining Room. Here I explain some of the dining room needs as follows:
  1. Dining table whose size adjusted for the number of seats..       
  2. Minimum number of seats equal to the number of family members. Thus arbitrarily family members can gather together in one meal.
  3. StStorage cupboard. Storage cabinets do not have to exist, but the storage cupboard in the dining room will help ease the storage and arrangement of the dining room. Options can be either lenari closet low or high cabinets. One thing to keep in mind, we recommend storage cabinets have drawers to hold a spoon, fork knife dam eat.
  4. Torch. Chandelier right above the dining table is usually most appropriate for the dining room. Dimmers or facilities that can be raised and lowered the light intensity will greatly assist the creation of the dining room. 
  5. Ventilasi. Ventilation is very important for any room including the dining room. Eating in a sultry and flowing uadara very unpleasant.
Then we can make a little opening on one side of the room that can be impressive as outer space. For example innercourt with small as a backyard pool and view to the garden which can be seen from the dining room or family room. In addition to suggesting widespread in the small dining room, innercourt is also useful as a central air circulation that will free up the hot air that settles in the dining room and pushed upwards, thus changing the flow of cold air from the area around the pool. purpose of the placement is to provide natural feel to the dining room. may be useful.

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